Franjo Bučar

(25.11.1866. – 26.12.1946.)

The Croatian Sports Museum opened the exhibition titled Franjo Bučar (November 25th 1866 – December 26th 1946) in the palace of the Croatian Parliament in Zagreb on the occasion of the awarding of the National Award for Sports Franjo Bučar. The exhibition was held between November 27th and December 15th 2018 and again on November 25th 2019.
The exhibition had also been open to the public in the Sveti Ivan Zelina Museum during the European Week of Sports between September 2nd and 20th 2019, as well as on the anniversary of the Private sporting and linguistics gymnasium Franjo Bučar between February 24th and 28th 2020.

Franjo Bučar played a key role in the development of Croatian sports in their entirety whose work took place at the end of the 19th and in the first half of the 20th century. With a doctorate in history, he was a teacher whose entire life was closely tied to sports. He established the foundations of numerous sporting disciplines in Croatia, acted as a promoter, instructor and founder of numerous school sports clubs and organizations, notably participated in international sporting organizations and played the part of news reporter and publisher, as well. 

As of 1991, the Croatian National Award for Sports carries his name.

GAME OF SPORTS AND ARTS – virtual exhibition

A part of Franjo Bučar’s legacy from the museum’s collection was presented at the exhibition Games of Sport and Art .